We aim to be a company, which supports "curing more diseases" by making medical collective intelligence.

WEB Service Division In our WEB Service Division, we support medical visualization and effective information sharing by utilizing IT communication.
Convention Division In our Convention Division, we support places for Information transmission and Information sharing as an administration secretariat of scientific meetings and study groups by utilizing IT communication tools.
Academy Division In our Academy Division, we provide seminars and programs where medical staff can gain new knowledge and information in order for them to enhance their expertise and develop further as a effective team.


2014.05.07 We have updated our website.

Our aim

To make a society where everybody can live with peace of mind through medical visualization, the transmission and sharing of medical techniques and personnel training.

WEB Service Division,Convention Division,Academy Division WEB Service Division Academy Division Convention Division
Society where everybody can live in peace

WEB Service Division

In WEB Service Division, we support medical visualization
and effective information sharing by utilizing IT communication.

Heartmeetings.com is a popular registration system for scientific meetings,
study groups and live demonstration courses.

We have enabled smooth registration and name list management for information
transmission by sharing one platform with several scientific meetings and study groups.

Heartmeetings.com image
function 1Registration for scientific meetings and study groups(Online payment)
2Management of scientific meeting name lists
3Acceptance of registration for industry seminars and sessions, and co-medical seminars
※ Beginning on August, 2014.

Merits for administrators
(Scientific meetings and study groups)

MERIT01 Management efficiency

You can always gain and manage the latest registration information of participants by accessing
the administrative screen for exclusive use of members.

MERIT02 Cost saving
Because online registration and payment are done automatically, you can improve efficiency
in member management and save on staff labor.
MERIT03 E-Letter delivery service
You can utilize this service as a method for an effective approach and information delivery to
potential participants.

Merits for users
(participants and members of scientific meetings)

MERIT01 One-click registration
It is not necessary to register personal information at every registration of scientific meetings
and study groups.
MERIT02 Convenient “my page” function
You only need to correct your personal information including change of your affiliation
in Heartmeetings.com. The confirmation of your acquisition units is possible on this website, too.
MERIT03 Smooth entry
You can receive your name badge before the day of a scientific meeting or a study group.
You can enter the session rooms without waiting at the registration reception desk.
(※ Only pre-registered participants who live in Japan)
function 1You can share and view medical data(DICOM) with the viewer on the browser.
2You can select a specific image in a video and put a comment and draw arrows, etc. on the digital image.
3We will track the number of image browsings in a case and display in its histogram. You can view which image
is seen repeatedly at a glance.
Structure to activate discussions

Example of use

Use at poster sessions in scientific meetings and study groups Use as a training tool Share pre-information of
symposium and
seminars, etc., and use
it for continuous discussions
Link with case reports
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